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GiG Partner 'X' is here!!

An all-new GiG Partner is being released as of December 2017. The new version is the first major revision since 2008!!


Here are some highlights of the new version ....


Creating RTF (Rich Text Format) lyrics files is both time consuming and ackward! Sure, you can get very creative with the appearance of your lyrics files, but let's face it, most musicians want to just build the song and get gigging! 

So from this point on, GiG Partner will use simple TEXT files. Furthermore, you no longer need to use an external WORD processor. You can hightlight, copy and paste lyrics right into the lyrics box in GiG Partner to create a new song! You can then manipulate your lyrics text in the Lyrics Editor, give it a name, hit SAVE and bingo! Bob's your uncle! Done!




The 2008 version of GiG Partner had basically THREE size options for displaying lyrics on your screen. GiG Partner 'X'  now offers you a new feature - "stretch-to-fit" . This allows you to use your mouse and stretch the lyrics box wider to increase font size, or taller to increase the number of lines of text you can view at one time! This allows you to better match the appearance of GiG Player to your lap-top or Windows tablet device.

Furthermore, GiG Player remembers your size and position on the screen and automatically returns the settings to that format when you start GiG Player again later!




In GiG Partner 'X', we've rebuilt the Lyrics Box, Song List and Media Control Panel into free-floating components that can be moved around and resized as desired! This allows you to create a custom performance format that is right for you - and to match your computer monitor's size and orientation. 


Extensive research over many years has found that a black background makes the lyrics stand out better and creates less eye strain on the performer. There is also less light coming from your monitor to reflect off of the artist's face during the performance. Therefore, all backgrounds for lyrics are automatically presented in black.

Although GiG Partner 'X' now uses basic text files, we built in an intelligent font coloring feature to embelish your lyrics. GiG Partner recognizes the song name, chord notation, etc. and enhances those differences with contrasting text colors automatically based on a color pallette of your choosing.  In this example, the first line is considered the song name and is set to green. A line within  sqare brackets "[" "]" is assumed to be chords. Special lyrics (harmonies, etc.) are recognized within "{" "}" symbols. Finally, we've selected a light blue for the lyrics. These colors options are selectable by you in the setup screen.


GiG Partner 'X' has been designed to make it much easier AND FASTER for you to create new songs, queue events and get gigging! Furthermore, we have included our popular 'TransPoze' Chord Changer utility, which was previously only found in our Lyrics Partner product.



So download your FREE TRIAL of GiG Partner soon and get gigging!